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Chinese 3: 吃早餐有助记忆

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1. Breakfast Brain Radicals

2. Sentence Patterns S Sentence Patterns T

3. Text: Breakfast Brain S  Breakfast Brain T

4. Questions: Breakfast Qs S Breakfast Qs T

5. Mind Map: use mind map to help your reading



6. Reading Comprehension on Friday May 3, 2013

Form of comprehension questions:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. True or false
  3. Gap-filling
  4. Short answer

Reading Comprehension Assesed Areas:

  1. Identify type of text you read (diary, letter, newspaper article…)
  2. Identify main ideas of each paragraph (general vs. specific)
  3. Identify important details (who, when, where, how, how much, what)
  4. Identify word category based on their radicals

Reading strategies:

  1. Activation of the prior knowledge (science lab skills and terminology)
  2. Radical knowledge
  3. Use of transition words
  4. Use of sentence structures and parts of speech to guess word meaning based on contexual information

Chinese 3: 吃早餐有助记忆

April 20th, 2012 No comments

Text: Breakfast Brain S  Breakfast Brain T

Questions: Breakfast Qs S Breakfast Qs T

Mind Map

Reading Comprehension on Thursday April 26, 2012


April 20th, 2011 No comments



肥胖 féi ​pàng​ – fat / obese

减肥 減肥 jiǎn ​féi​ – to lose weight

改善 gǎi​ shàn​ – to make better / to improve

有助 yǒu ​zhù​ – helpful / beneficial / to help / conducive to

加强 加強 jiā​ qiáng​ – to reinforce / to strengthen / to increase

记忆力 記憶力 jì ​yì ​lì​ – memory (power)

集中 jí ​zhōng​ – to concentrate / to focus / concentrated

力 lì​ – power / force / strength / ability

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