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CH3: Oral Presentation “我的饮食健康吗?”

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口头报告: 我的饮食健康吗?   *****   口頭報告:我的飲食健康嗎?


Part 1: Explain in oral the food pyramid – 简体字 繁體字

Part 2: Prepare a PPT showing pictures of what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, compare with the pyramid and analyze if your food is healthy.

Language support: Food Pyramid V Food Pyramid S Food Pyramid T AUDIO

Format: Class oral presentation (Greet audience, Introduction to the topic, Main Points, Transition between different points, Conclusion, Thank audience)

Guiding Questions 健康饮食金字塔 S   Guiding Questions 健康饮食金字塔 T

Pyramid Phrases S  Pyramid Phrases T



CH3 Unit: Food and Health

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