2011-12 IBS1/H1

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Chinese IBS1/H1 2011-12

IB Paper 1 Text-handling question Types: SLHLIB Sample Questions
Rationale Writing: Sample in English

Exam Review: Sample IB Reading Texts

Paper 1 Core topics covered this year: Globalization, Immigration/Discrimination

Text 1S Text 1T Answer Invitation

Text 2S Text 2T Answer Share

Text 3S Text 3T Answer Parking

Text 4S Text 4T Answer Bike

Text 5S Text 5T Answer Charity

Exam Review: Sample Paper 2

Paper 2 Option topics covered this year: Sports, Holidays, Food 

常见文章格式/常見文章格式:(You have to know the words below)



How To Write Diary S | How To Write Diary T

Letter Inquiry S | Letter Inquiry T

Letter Sample Job S | Letter Sample Job T

Letter Private S | Letter Private T

E-mail S | E-mail T

Speech Sample | Speech Sample Structure

Debate Script S | Debate Script T

Unit 5: Food and Fashion

IB Optional Topic: Cultural diversity

The ethnic, gender, racial, ideological and socio-economic varieties within a community of the target language.

Aspect to cover: culinary heritage

IB Optional Topic: Customs and traditions

The current and past practices, representations, expressions and knowledge that belong to a community of the target language.

Aspects to cover: food + fashion

Task #4: Diary Writing due Friday May 11

Exploring Chinese Food Culture


Session #1- Answer the questions for your assigned topic

1. 主食T 主食S Audio 回答問題 回答问题

2. 民以食為天/民以食为天 Audio 回答問題 回答问题

3. 菜名 Audio 回答問題T 回答问题S

4. 吃同一盤菜/ 吃同一盘菜 Audio 回答問題T 回答问题S

♣ Session #2: Class discussion “中國的飲食文化/中国的饮食文化”

♣ Session #3: Performance Task 寫日記/写日记 Friday May 11

IB Paper 2 Written Production: P2 Criteria SL  |  P2 Criteria HL

Journal should include 2 parts:

Part1: what happened (read textbook P92-97 section (一) and (二))

Focus: summarize and list ALL important details

Part2: your reflection on ONE aspect of the culture (Your assigned topic)

Task #3: Paper 2 in-class writing Monday April 30

Sample Text 1:

Sample 1: Rearrange Introduction HK  (For Wednesday April 25)

Sample 1 Original: Introduction HK S  Introduction HK T

Sample Text 2:

Sample 2: Rearrange TeaHouse China – Rearrange (For Friday April 27)

Sample 2: Original Text TeaHouse China S  TeaHouse China T


老北京茶馆 / 老舍茶馆 / 休闲茶馆 / 茶艺馆

老北京茶館 / 老舍茶館 / 休閒茶館 / 茶藝舘

IB Paper 2 Written Production: P2 Criteria SL  |  P2 Criteria HL

Task #2: Textbook Dialogue P66-71 (Due Wednesday April 25)

Qs 北京的茶馆 S  Qs 北京的茶館 T

Task #1: Diary Writing Wednesday April 18, 2012

IB Paper 2 Written Production: P2 Criteria SL  |  P2 Criteria HL

Understanding the written task: R.A.F.T.

Role, Audience, Format, Theme (Background, Messages, Purpose)

What you can bring to class: 20 vocab. + 10 linking words





Useful Words:

裕泰茶馆  当官儿的  洋人  说快板儿  看手相  遛鸟  下象棋  斗蛐蛐 / 斗蝈蝈  打架  莫谈国事 

裕泰茶館  的  洋人   快板  看手相  遛   下象棋  斗蛐蛐 / 蟈蟈   打架  莫談國

Useful Links:

Traditional Tea House: 在线观看电视剧《茶馆》 

Modern Tourist Tea House:

官方网站   历史由来   北京老舍茶馆(Video)   老舍茶馆顾客点评   TV Program

Unit 4: Migration and Discrimination 

IB Core Topic: Global issues

Current matters and future scenarios that have an impact at a regional, national and/or international level, bearing in mind that they need to be addressed from the perspective of the target language’s culture(s).

Aspects to cover:

• migration (rural–urban, or international)

迁移(乡村至城市或国际性移民) / 遷移(鄉村至城市或國際性移民)

• racism, prejudice, discrimination

种族主义、偏见、歧视 / 種族主义、偏見、歧視

Text 1: The Last Train Home

Task#1: SL在线观看春运纪录片《归途列车》http://www.verycd.com/entries/463453/

HL Written Response
Task#2: Reading Comprehension
Step 1: Look for meaning of all topic words (purple ones) Monday Feb. 27

SL: 春运纪录片《归途列车》简介 SL S | 春運紀錄片《歸途列車》簡介 SL T

HL: 春运纪录片《归途列车》 HL

Step 2: Reading Comprehension on Wednesday Feb. 29

Text 2: Huang Qinghong’s Letter

Task#1: Study the topic words in Letter S  |  Letter T

Task #2: Identify main idea

Task #3: Reading Comprehension on Monday March 5

Text 3: Newspaper Article

Topic Words – Text 3 S  Text 3 T

Text 3 Vocab Review: 简体 繁體

Written Assignment: Guiding Questions: 简体S 繁體T

Unit 3: Holidays and Celebrations

IB Core Topic “Social Relationship” – How people interralate and behave as members of a community, individually and in groups.
• Aspect: celebrations, social and religious event
IB Optional Topic “Customs and traditions” – The current and past practices, representations, expressions and knowledge that belong to a community of the target language
• celebrations, social and religious events
Task #1: 农历新年庆祝活动 Oral Presentation: Jan. 25, 2012
Task#2: IB Individual Oral
Stage 1: Reading – Picture and Text: 龙年婴儿潮 S龍年嬰兒潮 T
Stage 2: Writing – due on Wednesday Feb. 1
2 paragraphs with 120 characters each on 农历|農曆 and 龙宝宝|龍寶寶
Target Skills:
– Vocabulary use in context
– Cultural knowledge related to the topic
Stage 3: Language Items for Individual Oral
Stage 4: Individual Oral
Three different parts of your oral:
1. Describing the picture
2. Connect the caption (文字说明/文字說明) with the theme (One of the 5 optional topics) and the target culture
3. Give your opinion / analysis
Individual Oral: familiarize yourself with these pictures/captions February 20, 2011

Unit 1: Sports and Leisure

(IB Option “leisure” – The variety of activities performed for enjoyment.)
Warmup Activity #2 简体字 繁體字 (Friday Aug. 12)
Individual Oral Wednesday Aug. 17:
Select a picture from the list 简体字 |   繁體字
Listening comprehension on Friday Aug. 26: Audio + 10 Sports Vocab.
Grammar and Vocabulary : on Friday Aug. 31 Click here to download
Introduction to the topic: Topic Words
生词/生詞 : Quiz on Friday Sept. 9 Shaolin Kungfu S Shaolin Kungfu T
Reading:Monday Sept. 12 – Linking Words + Main Ideas
IB Text-handling question Types: SLHL (请打印/請打印)
Step 1: Writing based on Reading  (due Monday September 19)
Read textbook Page 6-7, write a 300-character news text on the interview. Written text due Monday September 19
Step 2: Reading comprehension questions (due Wednesday September 21)
Please work with your group and design 10 reading comprehension questions (10 points) including at least 3 different forms of questions and 3 target skills
Please check the IB Sample Questions
Step 3: Reading comprehension on Monday September 26

Unit 2: Cultural Globalization

Monday Nov. 21: Working on the outline
Wednesday Nov. 23: In-class draft writing
Friday Nov. 25: In-class rationale
Monday Nov. 28: In-class final writing
Written Assignment: Kung Fu and Globalization
Written Assignment:功夫与全球化 / 功夫與全球化
文章一:SL 课文-记者采访安迪  | 課文-記者採訪安迪
Task#1: Google Doc-德国人为什么要学功夫?-德國人為什麼要學功夫?Task#2: Google Doc-学功夫以后, 人们对功夫文化和中国文化的看法有什么变化?Task#2: Google Doc-學功夫以後, 人們對功夫文化和中國文化的看法有什麽變化?
Task#3: Google Doc- 生词/生詞
Concept: 文化分为可见的元素和不可见的元素两部分
Concept: 文化分為可見的元素和不可見的元素兩部分
Task#4:guess word meaning
文章五:HL 龙应台眼中的全球化 S – Concept: “世界化” vs. “全球化”
SL 文章:文章一 / 文章二 + 任何一篇文章
HL 文章:文章五 / 文章八 + 任何一篇文章
Written Assignment Final: Monday Nov. 28
Written Assignment Rationale: Friday Dec. 2
Reading Comprehension:Monday Dec. 5


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