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《拆弹专家》Shock Wave || 片段: 我是警察!我有责任!

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不能说的秘密 Secret(周杰倫,桂綸鎂,黃秋生主演)

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Graduate Speaker Jiang He | Harvard Commencement 2016

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纪录片:归途列车 (紀錄片:歸途列車 Last Train Home)

March 21st, 2016 No comments

Every spring, China’s cities are plunged into chaos as 130 million migrant workers journey to their home villages for the New Year’s holiday. This mass exodus is the world’s largest human migration-an epic spectacle that reveals a country tragically caught between its rural past and industrial future. Working over several years in classic verité style Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Lixin Fan (with the producers of the award-winning hit documentary Up the Yangtze) travels with one couple who have embarked on this annual trek for almost two decades. Like so many of China’s rural poor, Changhua and Sugin Zhang left behind their two infant children for grueling factory jobs. Their daughter Qin-now a restless and rebellious teenager-both bitterly resents their absence and longs for her own freedom away from school, much to the utter devastation of her parents. Emotionally engaging and starkly beautiful, Last Train Home’s intimate observation of one fractured family sheds light on the human cost of China’s ascendance as an economic superpower.





Learn Chinese: Top 10 Buzzwords in China

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春节的变与不变 Spring Festival the changed and the unchanged

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Claudia Yang CD 红楼梦钢琴协奏曲-伦敦录制宣传片

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王力宏: 微博控

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