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Chinese 1: Unit Test Review Guide

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 Unit 5 Part 2Narrative 5-2  New Character

Worksheets: Audio Vocabulary  Listening Comprehension  Negating Verb LE

Unit 5 Pretest Unit Test on Thursday April 18 L5Pretest-Answer

You can start review for the unit now! Please print this review guide and start review the new words and grammar points.

Unit 5 Review 2011-4

啤酒 pí jiǔ

学校图书馆 xué xiào tú shū guǎn

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Chinese 1: Sheena’s Experience in Japan

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We’ve watched an interesting TED video last month and turn it into a performance task for Chinese 1 class. Now we proundly present our work:

Written Script:

安义郎 許翰元 朱卡洛 金彩元 金道鉉 金贤真 小林研斗

小林智也 小出知明 小西阳 兰查理 村元真理 施禹辰 山城彩音 

Group Oral Chinese 1:

安义郎+金彩元+金贤真 金道鉉+施禹辰 小林研斗+ 小林智也

小出知明+小西阳 村元真理+山城彩音+ 許翰元 朱卡洛+兰查理

Oral IBS1: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5

Oral IBS2: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6

Chinese 1: Grammar points for Unit 5

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Unit 5 Grammar Quiz on Tuesday April 5, 2011

Please refer to the Dialogue and the Vocab.

Grammar #3: Politeness Strategies in Chinese

Politeness strategies used in the dialogue

S1: Request, + 好吗?/可以吗?

S2: Question Word + 呀?

S3: Request + 吧!It turns a request into a suggestion

S4: 对不起=Sorry / 请=please

S5: Tone Softner

Verb + 一下儿 [看一下,介绍一下]

Verb + 一点儿 + Noun  [您要喝点儿什么?]

S6: Reply to a compliment 是吗?

Read the texts: 1. Politeness Strategies 2.  ‘Politeness: Is there an East-West divide?’

Grammar #2: measure word 杯 and 个

Grammar #1: the verb and the preposition 在

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Chinese 1: Order Green Tea with Sugar in Japan

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Study the Dialogue and Vocab. carefully, watch the video and make a dialogue in Chinese about “Sheena’s Experience” in Japan ordering green tea with sugar.


  1. 茶 chá – tea
  2. 绿 lǜ – green  绿茶 lǜ chá – green tea
  3. 咖啡 kā fēi – coffee
  4. 糖 táng – sugar
  5. 加 jiā – to add  咖啡加糖 kā fēi jiā táng – coffee with sugar [我喝咖啡喜欢加糖。]
  6. 能 néng – can [ 喝茶不能加糖。]
  7. 杯 bēi – cup 一杯茶 a cup of tea
  8. 包  bāo – packet/bag 一包糖 a packet of sugar