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Interview FormatIBS2 students: Read this file before the exam day. Good Luck Everyone!

Sample Paper 1 Reading Comprehension

Text 1S Text 1T Answer Invitation

Text 2S Text 2T Answer Share

Text 3S Text 3T Answer Parking

Text 4S Text 4T Answer Bike

Text 5S Text 5T Answer Charity

Sample Writing (Paper 2)

常见文章格式/常見文章格式:(You have to know the words below)



Please check your google Drive for sample Paper2

Reading Skills

Radicals: 55 Radicles S 55 Radicles T Complete List 

Duke: Chinese Character Practice Website

Characters and Words: 1 HSK Level 1-1022 2 HSK Level 2-1973

IB Ab Initio List of Words: Simplified Traditional

Quizlet Chinese-high-frequency-word-list

Making complex sentences: Conjunctions S | Conjunctions T

Linking ideas: LinkingWords S | LinkingWords T

How to approach a text? Check this Reading Chart

Reading Skill #1:Guess Word Meaning

Skill 1-1: Guess Word Meaning from Radicals (偏旁部首) 55 Radicles S 55 Radicles T Complete List

Skill 1-2: Guess Word Meaning from Morpheme 语素Morpheme S 語素Morpheme T

Skill 1-3: Guess the Meaning of Abbreviation 简称S 簡稱T

Skill 1-4: Guess Word Meaning from Synonyms / Antonyms  词语互释S  詞語互釋T

Skill 1-5: Guess Word Meaning from Context 上下文S 上下文T

Reading Skill #2: Understanding long or/and complex sentences

Skill 2-1: Make long sentences short

压缩长句S 壓縮長句T

抽取句子主干S 抽取句子主幹T

Skill 2-2: Understanding sentences through key words and punctuation

关键词与标点符号S 關鍵詞與標點符號T

Skill 2-3: Understanding sentences through conjunctions

关联词S 關聯詞T

Reading Skill #3: Main Ideas and Important Details

Skill 3-1: Topic Word and Topic Sentence

主题词与主题句 S     主題詞與主題句T

Skill 3-2: Main ideas vs. Secondary ideas

主要观点与次要观点S 主要觀點與次要觀點T

Reading Skill #4: Identify Linking Words

连接词S 連接詞T

Skill Fact vs Opinion Paragraph and Topic Sentence

Guess Meaning Context S Guess Meaning Context T

Online Reading:

The semantic roots or radicals contribute to the visual identification of Chinese characters

Learning 100 Chinese Radicals

Duke: Chinese Character Practice Website

ISM Google  Xiaoqiu XU Dissertation on Character Learning

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