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2013赵薇处女作【致我们终将逝去的青春So Young】

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BackStreet Boys Lyrics “I want it that way” – Pinyin


Chinese Character: 吃(to eat)

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Spring with the “Sun” radical

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,甲骨文 (Oracle Bones Script)

Three Elements in the character 春:

1. (林野)trees/forest

2. (太阳)the Sun 日

3. (像一颗种子,上部冒芽,下部生根)seed






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联合国建议多吃昆虫: 营养又环保

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报告指出,黄蜂、甲壳虫和其他许多昆虫作为食物的一种,其潜力尚未被充分发挥;解决全球粮食和饲料短缺问题有许多方式,而昆虫养殖正是其中之一。 Read more…

IB Paper 1 and Paper 2 Review

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IB1 May 20 Exam:

How long: 2 hours

Which Papers: IB Paper 1 + IB Paper 2

Paper 1: 2 texts Reading Comprehension

Paper 2: 1 out of 5 prompts 300-480 characters

You manage your time on each paper, but a general guideline is one hour for Paper 1 and one hour for Paper 2. There will be no interruption between the 2 papers.

Good Luck!

Paper 1: Reading Comprehension on CORE TOPIC

Paper 2: Written Production on OPTIONAL TOPICS

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IBS1H1: Vocabulary Review “Migration and Discrimination”

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Word Clouds for the unit “Migration and Discrimination”

View the animated  Word Cloud   Download the Word Cloud picture


IBS1/H1: Use Word Cloud to review the unit vocabulary

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After reading so many texts in a unit, you might want to have a list of the most important words for this unit. Now you can do that by simply copying all the texts you have studied and paste them into a window of this wonderful site called It’s still not that perfect for Chinese texts, but it’s a quick and convenient check for the most frequently used words. Do you know them all?

For the unit “Migration and Discrimination”, here are the word clouds:

美和汉语夏令营 Summer Program

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For those who are interested in joining a Chinese language summer camp: this is NOT a school-sponsored summer program. It’s for information only.

Learning Chinese language, Chinese culture and making friends from around the world; get ready for your future and the summer of a lifetime!

Receiving 100’s of children from 30 nationalities each year, Mandarin House summer programs are for children aged between 7 to 19 years.

Providing an unforgettable adventure in a safe, fun, full immersion Chinese environment, our experienced, qualified teachers share Chinese life through Mandarin lessons, cultural workshops, activities and excursions ensuring a valuable head-start for each child’s future.

Learn more about Mandarin House Summer Programs in China from the following resources and reserve your place now for the 2013 Summer.

  1. Summer Program Brochure
  2. Sample Schedule
  3. 2013 Summer Dates & Prices
  4. Summer Registration Form
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CH3: Reading “Congee and Health”

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Reading Comprehension on Friday May 10

Activate prior knowledge: Group Work

Chinese Breakfast 粥:Congee Basics

Summarize the main points:

10 Words + 3 ideas

Sentence Patterns S Sentence Patterns T

Review reading comprehension strategies

Reading Comprehension Text for Friday:

Congee Therapy S    Congee Therapy T

Reading Skills assessed: identify main ideas vs. supporting details