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农民工/農民工: Farmers-turned migrant workers

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农民工 Farmers-turned migrant workers

This is a term used to describe the workers in the industrial and tertiary sectors who are away from their rural homes. These workers are usually farmers with their own plots of land at home, but they choose to take jobs in cities or other more developed areas, where they can expect to earn more cash. Some migrant workers return to their farms during the harvest season, but most of them settle down near their workplaces, bringing their families with them. By 2005, the number of migrant workers was about 150 million, nearly 11.5 percent of the population. Employed in labor-intensive industries, migrant workers are now a key part of China’s workforce.

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IBS1/H1: Diary due on April 10

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在中文課上,你們觀看 了電影《人在囧途》。請寫一篇日記,談談電影中看到的中國人過春節的風俗,並就中國農民工在城市中打工遇到的問題談談你的看法。

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