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Understanding the IB Paper 2 prompts

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Paper 2: Understanding the writing prompts


Role: the role assigned to you is usually yourself for SL, but HL students need to be very careful about it.

Audience: Idebtifying the audience can be very important to the style, word choice, and even the message of your writing.

Format: This is where you can easily get points (5 out of 25=20%).



Topic: The message(s) you need to include in your writing is the most important aspect for your writing. Be careful to check the conjunctions showing additional message point: 并,并且,和 \ 並,並且,和

To better understand the writing prompts, it is also important to identify these words that mark “Future” in Chinese.

2 Additional Aspects:

Background: Background information is usually the first few sentences (1-2) in the prompts. These sentences can be used to write your introduction.

Goal: If you can identify the goal of the written task, write something to enhance it in your conclusion.


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Words that mark “Future” in Chinese

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Will/Shall: 将、要、会、将要、将来

Plan to do something: 打算、计划、准备、想

Something is about to happen:

要……了、快……了、就要……了、快要……了、就+verb (我一会儿就来!)

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