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Learning Styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

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What is your learning style?

Helping the Auditory Learner at Home

  • Auditory learners enjoy having all the facts, hearing details, and having facts vocalized.
  • They may prefer memorizing math facts in their head, putting them to music or figuring out the answers by talking them over with you.

Helping the Visual Learner at Home

  • Visual learners are often the “why?” people.
  • They want to see the information, read about it, study the pictures and graphs.
  • They will prefer to work out their math problems on paper.
  • They are often better at understanding word problems.

Helping the Kinesthetic Learner at Home

  • If kinesthetic learners aren’t able to use their bodies somehow in the learning process, they’re going to get frustrated.
  • They like to know how things work.
  • If you can involve movement as they listen to and see the information, they’ll have a better chance of understanding and remembering what they learn.
  • When learning letter sounds, try creating a hopscotch grid outdoors, using letters instead of numbers. As they land on each letter, have them shout the sound the letter makes.
  • When practicing math, use counters such as beans, toothpicks, tiddlywinks or pennies that they can move around as you solve a number problem.
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