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Upcoming Assignments for the week Nov. 7-11

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Chinese 3:Sports – Reading Comprehension on Tuesday Nov. 8
Activities to help you review the text:
Activity #1: Vocabulary-building – Find synonyms / antonyms or categorizing words into groups
Activity #2: Draw a mind-map of the text (idea organization and understanding)
Activity #3: answer review questions Review Qs SReview Qs T
IBS1:Cultural Globalization
Written Assignment:功夫与全球化 / 功夫與全球化
The New IB Written Assignment:
文章一:SL 课文-记者采访安迪 | 課文-記者採訪安迪
Task#1: Google Doc-德国人为什么要学功夫?-德國人為什麼要學功夫?
Task#2: Google Doc-学功夫以后, 人们对功夫文化和中国文化的看法有什么变化?
Task#2: Google Doc-學功夫以後, 人們對功夫文化和中國文化的看法有什麽變化?

Task#3: Google Doc- 生词/生詞
Concept: 文化分为可见的元素和不可见的元素两部分
Concept: 文化分為可見的元素和不可見的元素兩部分
Task#4:guess word meaning
文章五:HL 龙应台眼中的全球化 S – Concept: “世界化” vs. “全球化”
SL 文章:文章一 / 文章二 + 任何一篇文章
HL 文章:文章五 / 文章八 + 任何一篇文章
IBS2:Task #2 due on Tuesday Nov. 15
Task #1:Use 句酷 to learn the 20 topic word 生词 S生詞 T
Task #2: Divide the text into 4 parts and answer these questions in written

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