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Upcoming Assignments: CH3, IBS1H1, IBS2

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CH3: 性格与爱好 / 性格與愛好 Reading Comprehension on Tuesday Sept. 13
Reading Skill#1: Guess Word Meaning from Radicals (偏旁部首)
The 5 most important radicals for this unit: 扌/手  |  目  | 鸟 / 鳥  |  肉/月  |  金/钅/釒

Reading Skill#3: identify Main Ideas and Supporting Details
Vocabulary and Grammar:
Observe and figure out the Grammar and vocabulary of the text

IB1: 少林功夫
Vocab Quiz on Friday Sept. 9 Shaolin Kungfu S Shaolin Kungfu T
IB2:讨论电影《大红灯笼高高挂》 / 討論電影《大红燈籠高高挂》
2011年9月9日星期五: 成语考试/成語考試 成语解释 / 成語解釋 + Quiz
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宅:住宅 / 宅院

宅男 / 宅女 – 你真是一个宅男!



Upcoming Assessments: CH3, IB1, IB2

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CH3 Tuesday Aug. 23 Grammar Quiz#1

Grammar Review 1 S | Grammar Review 1 T

IB1 Listening comprehension on Friday Aug. 26: Audio + 10 Sports Vocab.

IB2: Handwrite the bullet points from our google doc 8月23日星期二

电影欣赏《大红灯笼高高挂》  |   電影欣賞《大紅燈籠高高挂》

Check your class page for pre-reading materials

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