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Textbooks for HS

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Some good textbooks for HS:

Jia You! Chinese for the Global Community Textbook

Barron’s AP Chinese Language and Culture

Easy Steps To Teach Chinese

Listen To It Right – Situational Chinese Series

Reading Into a New China Vol. 1

Chinese Double-Effect Speed Reading 1

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TFL Resources

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TFL Glossary

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The link below contains all glossary related to Foreign Language Teaching Read more…

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Top-down reading models

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Check this link for more details!
What is a top-down reading model?
by Ken Boothe, Leah B. Walter, Glenys Waters (editor)

Here are some features of a top-down approach to reading (Gove 1983):

  • Readers can comprehend a selection even though they do not recognize each word.
  • Readers should use meaning and grammatical cues to identify unrecognized words.
  • Reading for meaning is the primary objective of reading rather than mastery of letters, letter/sound relationships, and words.
  • Reading requires the use of meaning activities rather than the mastery of a series of word-recognition skills.
  • The primary focus of instruction should be the reading of sentences, paragraphs, and whole selections.
  • The most important aspect about reading is the amount and kind of information gained through reading.
top-down reading processThe top-down reading process begins with readers focusing on the main ideas of a text and any other information that they can understand immediately. They then use contextual guessing to construct meaning at a deeper, more detailed level and to understand any unfamiliar words or phrases. This is in contrast to the bottom-up process, which emphasizes the words, phrases, and structures of a text over its main ideas. An effective reading strategy requires a balance between both processes, but should begin with the top-down process.
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